Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Brother's Birthday

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To day was a long day my brother has just turned 1!!!!! It is very exciting. I heard they are going to have another this is going to be my mom's third baby and i am one of them. I also have 2more brother's. there name's are niko and marcos jr my dad's name is marcos they are my half brother's but they seem like real brother's to me on my mom's side there is my 1 year old brother cash who is the one who had the birthday party to day he had a YO GABBA GABBA party it is some new program. I am here wonce again at my grandma's clacking away at my type writer. While my grandpa is in his office downloading some photograph's that he took at my brother's party I am anxious to see them. Wonce again the photo artist has done it again folk's.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Testing Wax

Note: this is an experimental typecast, through a cover sheet of regular paper, onto wax paper. It was scanned against a backing sheet of black paper for added contrast.
~Grandpa Joe

"today me and my mom and also my littel crazy brother is know as cash rocket burns. Spent the day at my grandma's and grandpa'S house me and my grandpa are clack clacking away on our type-writer's my type-writer is a light blue hermes3000 it is about 20 years old. My grandpa has a ROYAL MERCURY it is about 40 year's old. We are in the kitchen listening to the news . while my grandpa is testing wax."

Curiously Strong

Today I Can Already Tell

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Rhymester is a Limester

Fire-work's at my Cousin's

Today Was a Long Day

To day was a long day. A lot has happend to. The first thing I did was to get up brush my teeth watch my brother while my mom take's a shower. Having him crall around the bed. while trying to watch TV, I have just got a new type-writer. From BROWN & SMITH. A old hermes 3000. I ahve just recently heard that my Uncle has pneumonia. He has prescription luckly. My cap to my tooth has fallen off. I have to get it replaced my cap.

Now i am sitting inside with my grandpa while he is type about a blog while I am typing about the day. Time is flying by quickly. I have just taken a picture of a brass switch holder cover for the wall. I can hear the thunder out side of the screen door that is partially open and you can see the reflection of the ligh's from teh chandelier. My grandpa has just taught me how to make a one sheeted paper book. It is so cool it is amazing.