Sunday, September 13, 2009

Other Lines...

(Note from Grandpa Joe: Sometimes the Line Writer creates using lines of a different sort, in this case pencil sketchings. I had the opportunity recently to document our budding artist deep at work, out on the sunny courtyard, under the shade of the umbrella.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Concept of Writing

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"the concept of writing is your feeling, your all your other person(.) tho(se) are the 5 last words that (B)eethoven had said before he died. the author of music and the patriot of writing for the love of music and of the problem of being deaf still no way of stop(p)ing the author of music so. he would not be disturbed on a piano. piano was the only thing that calmed him. his music was strong out standing in such a way that it was feeling, and compassionate in such a way that people adored his music."

A Cleaning Day Story

The Line Writer Prepares His Writing Kit

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"Today is September Sixth 2009.

today was a cleaning day because my Mom wanted to clean up our stinky old house. So my job (usually) was cleaning up the dishes, my laundry, and (sweep), clean my room. that's (basically) it i'm glad i don't (have) to cut the (lawn). But today was not just a boring day one or a (couple) of crazy stuff happened. the first thing was that i was sitting at the (table) writing like usual then my pencil just flew out of my hand and then it did some stunts and then it stop(p)ed moving and it flew right back into my hand. i asked my grandpa about it all he could do is just open his eyes wide in amazement. so then i asked my grandma and she said "it's an ancient japane(s)e pencil that was used for writing the (japanese) law so we did research on it. and then we just put it (where) no one can find it under the house. it still to this day is under our house(.)"